Corporate Support

Corporate Support for Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO)


The Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO) supports the Greater Brandon Community with assistance for families in need of emergency food, clothing and household items.  We encourage corporations and local businesses to join with Brandon Charitable Organizations like ECHO to support the Brandon community.

Our work depends on the generous support of organizations and their employees across the Tampa Bay area, and our professional and dedicated team has a record of developing powerful and mutually beneficial partnerships.
There are a number of ways that companies and staff can demonstrate their support of ECHO’s mission.If you want to speak in more detail about how you and Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO) can work together, please contact us.

How your company can get involved

A corporate partnership with Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO) offers companies the opportunity to support a charity with a powerful local brand and demonstrate your commitment to bettering our communities to existing and potential customers.

Depending on your own needs, we offer a variety of ways for Tampa corporate gift gtiving companies to get involved:


Align your business with Tampa charitable organizations to elevate your brand
Reach a desired target audience
Give back to the community
ECHO holds several charitable events each year.  Please visit the Events Pages to learn more about distinct corporate sponsorship opportunities.


Finacial gifts to ECHO of Brandon, Inc.
In-kind donations for Tampa non profit organizations like ECHO of products, services, and talents

How can employees get involved

Staff can support Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO) and our work in a number of ways, often simultaneously developing and strengthening their key skills in team work, leadership, communication and creative thinking.

Employees can get involved in a number of ways:

Team Building Events
Staff Fundraising
Employee Volunteering
Participating in ECHO events

Non profit organizations in Tampa, like ECHO, are pleased to receive any support for community service your organization will provide.  For more information, contact Joni Damico at (813) 685-0935.