All volunteer hours served at ECHO, the Community Garden, or at ECHO sponsored outreach events may be applied toward the Bright Futures Scholarship program.
bright futures
Student Volunteer
Student Volunteer
Students Must:
  1. Obtain pre-approval to serve at ECHO from their school’s guidance office
  2. Provide a school approved hours record form
  3. Register for student volunteer orientation held at ECHO   
  4. Must be responsible to record their own hours after each day served (do not send your mothers back to ECHO requesting that we find all of your sign in sheets…we will not accommodate)
  5. Understand that ECHO is a popular place to serve.  We love our student volunteers; therefore, plan to serve with us EARLY.  Students begin inquiring about summer service hours in January!
Age Restrictions:
  1. The Community Garden accepts all volunteers of all ages…seriously, we have planted carrot seeds with 2-year-olds before.
  2. 14-year-olds may serve on the ECHO campus when accompanied by a parent.
  3. Food Drives are open to students 15 years old and up
  4. 16-year-olds and up may serve on the ECHO campus