ECHO Food Pantry

The ECHO Food Pantry is located in our building and we serve individuals and families each day in Eastern Hillsborough County.  Have you ever wondered how you can help?  You can provide help right now for families in need by donating money for most needed items so that we can keep all food items in stock and available when people come to us for assistance.   Hundreds of individuals come to ECHO in their time of crisis each month.  If you are in need of help, our friendly, non-judgmental staff is ready and waiting to get you the support you need to get back to self-sufficiency.  Call or come in and let us help you.

Since we provide meat, eggs, cheese, butter, milk, and other perishable foods, we buy these fresh daily so cash donations are especially helpful for these much-needed items.

Sometimes they have nothing to put on the table, and no person should ever have to go hungry.  We believe that hunger stops here.  Your purchase goes directly towards the most needed items – the staples.  We appreciate your help!

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