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Did you know that FREE online resources are available to you?  Your ECHO tutor/instructor will help you become familiar with the sites that will be most helpful to you.  We also offer face to face classes at ECHO in Brandon on Tuesday and Fridays from 10am till 1pm.  Laptops and free WiFi are available to use.

We want you to think of this list of resources as your extra teachers available to work with you any time of any day.  You now have no excuse to avoid homework.  Sorry!

Math:  Meet Kate.  Watch videos of her zoom GED math classes and do practices she provides at light and salt learning.  You can also chat with Kate and ask questions on her facebook page. If you are having trouble with any specific math skill your  ECHO tutor will work with you, too.

Learning Express:  This program is good for three of the four test but no one beats Kate for math.  To use this program you must have a library card.  Go to library page to get started on how to get a library card on line. Once you have a library card you can go to Research A to Z, then go to L, and look for Learning Express.  In Learning Express select the High School Equivalency Center.  You will need to create a log in and password for this program as it will remember were you are at and guide you through your learning.  If you are having trouble navigating this site let your tutor know.  Remember you can do this all from your home and you do not need to go to the library. Your tutor can also work with you together on this program in class or on zoom.

YouTube is your friend.  If you are having trouble with a skill you can find related videos by just doing a search.  We recommend you subscribe to the following channels and use them for your primary instructional resources:

  • Light and Salt Learning: more math videos from Kate, also an excellent playlist on science
  • Crash Course: videos on social studies and science content areas at a high school level and some great videos on study skills.  Remember the more background knowledge you have in a content area (life science, American history, etc.), the easier it is to read about it.
  • Khan Academy: not GED specific but great videos on any skills you need to learn
  • Math Antics: another great math site that includes animation and bad jokes
  • GED Testing Service: These are the people that make the test.  The videos are short and give information on the test itself.
  • Test Prep Champions: Parker has lots of playlist on how to pass the GED.   You can do practice tests with him and he will show you the right answers.
  • Phuket Pals: GED specific and good for extra instruction on a specific skill.
  • Townsend Press and Snap Language: Go to their Advanced Reading playlist and practice some of the reading skills that are needed throughout the GED test such as finding the main idea.

There are lots of other sites. Explore a little and share if you find any helpful ones.   Also, look for aps to practice with on your smartphone.

When you are ready to take your test, you will go to ged.com to log in and create a profile.  At this site you can take a pretest and/or register to take the test itself. A credit card is required. Your ECHO tutor can help you get started.

HINT: Try to do their tutorials before you take an actual test as they show how the test is formatted.

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Our General Education Diploma (GED) prep offers one-on-one tutoring with certified teachers/tutors. Our instructors will help you create a learning plan, set up a class schedule and prepare you for your GED test. GED is open from 10am-1pm.

They will cover:

  • language arts
  • math
  • science
  • social studies & more

To get started you must complete an assessment so we can tailor the tutoring to your needs.

Assessments are offered Tuesdays and Fridays at our Brandon and Riverview locations from 9am – noon.

To get started sign up below, we to accept walk-ins.

Clases de GED

Nuestra preparación para el Diploma de Educación General (GED) ofrece tutoría individual con maestros / tutores certificados. Nuestros instructores lo ayudarán a crear un plan de aprendizaje, establecer un horario de clases y prepararlo para su examen de GED. Clases son 10am -1pm los Martes y Viernes.

Ellos cubrirán:

Artes del lenguaje
estudios sociales y más

Para comenzar, debe completar una evaluación para que podamos adaptar la tutoría a sus necesidades.

Las evaluaciones se ofrecen los martes y viernes en nuestras ubicaciones de Brandon y Riverview desde las 9 am hasta el mediodía.

Para comenzar, regístrese a continuación, aceptamos visitas sin cita previa.

Clases de ESOL

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