Legacy Gifts and Estate Planning

A planned gift to ECHO is a great opportunity for Brandon residents to continue the legacy of giving hope to Brandon area families.  If you are planning your estate or drafting a will, make ECHO your local charity of choice.

When writing or updating your will, you can also make a real difference in the lives of Brandon families who have suffered recent emergencies.

Here are some of the bequest options you can use:
  • Specific Bequest - Determine a specific dollar amount or asset that you wish to leave to ECHO of Brandon, Inc.
  • Residual bequest - After you have taken care of your loved ones, name ECHO of Brandon, Inc. to receive a percentage or all of your residuary estate.
  • Testamentary charitable remainder trust (CRT) - Provide income to a loved one after your lifetime and benefit Brandon area families.
  • Testamentary QTIP trust - Your trust provides income, and principal if needed, to your spouse for life, after which the assets pass to ECHO of Brandon, Inc.
  • Contingent bequest - ECHO of Brandon, Inc. receives a bequest only in the event of the death of other beneficiaries.

Life Insurance Gifts

A wonderful way to include ECHO of Brandon in your estate plans is by naming ECHO of Brandon, Inc. a beneficiary of an insurance policy.  Simply inform your insurance agent that you would like to make ECHO of Brandon a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of your insurance policy.

Here are the stipulations for Life Insurance Gifts:
  • Term life insurance policies are not accepted.
  • The life expectancy of the insured must be less than 15 years on an actuarially determined basis.
  • ECHO may liquidate the policy for its net cash value.
  • In order for ECHO to assume ownership of a policy, ECHO must be irrevocably named owner and full beneficiary.
  • Policies that are partially paid will continue to be paid by the donor either through ECHO or directly to the insurance company.
There are several other ways to continue your legacy of giving with ECHO.  Please consult with your attorney and contact ECHO if you need additional information.

The information in this website is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.