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About our Back to Work Program

 ECHO’s mission is to bridge the gap between crisis and stability which involves much more than satisfying immediate food and clothing needs. Every day, we witness the harsh reality of unemployment and underemployment, which can swiftly destabilize families and thrust them into financial uncertainty. ECHO’s Back to Work programs offer valuable assistance to neighbors experiencing unemployment or underemployment. Whether you are jobless or underemployed, these programs can help you improve your work situation.

ECHO’s Job Readiness Program Includes:

  • Skills assessment – a comprehensive look at your job history, talents, and skills
  • Resume creation or updates – tips on how to make your resume and cover letter stand out in a crowd
  • Job search – a dedicated Job Coach helps explore and connect you to job opportunities
  • Learning Lab – Links to online job training programs are available 24/7
  • Interview skills – interview preparation and practice to put you at ease when you score an interview
  • Opening doors – ECHO builds relationships with local employers and personally connects you to hiring managers.

All ECHO services are offered absolutely FREE! 

ECHO Mobile Job Coaches will meet you where you’re at.

We understand that transportation can be a huge barrier to employment and/or to getting assistance. The ECHO Mobile Back to Work program meets neighbors at a location in their immediate community and works to help them find work in that same community. The same back-to-work programs are offered in office and out of office.

ECHO’s Opportunity Center Director, Dianne Horncastle, is encouraged by the success of the mobile back-to-work program. “A young couple who spoke only Spanish came to the Brandon office for assistance.  A bilingual job coach helped them update their resumes and encouraged them to attend a job fair the very next day.  A Mobile Back to Work job coach met them at the job fair and helped them navigate the process. Delightfully, they both left with a job offer.  This all happened in the course of two days.”

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Some Valuable Tips from the ECHO job coach team:

Resumes should be just enough to spike interest.

  • Keep your resume concise (one page is optimal)

  • Keep the most relevant information in the top 1/3 of the page; the hiring manager can very quickly see your skill level
  • Personal addresses do not belong on a resume; for your personal privacy and safety
  • Do Not use font size smaller than 11 or margins smaller than .5

Use Google search to find jobs of interest but always proceed directly to the company website to apply.  You will not only ensure the job is still open but will have a more direct line to the HR manager. “Easy Apply” is easy, but not always the fastest way to the hiring manager.

When you apply for a job, copy and paste or download the job description to your computer. When you are called for the interview, the job may no longer be online making it hard to prepare for the interview without the specific job description

The ECHO job coaches have many tips for you.  Request an appointment at the contact us form at the top of the page.

Career Onestop offers a Skill Assessment Online Questionnaire –  It’s 30 quick questions that take about 5 minutes to learn about careers that might be best for you.

Back to Work Job Readiness Program
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Our mobile Back to Work is supported by the community through the United Way strategic community partners grant

More Job Search Tips:

  1. Discover jobs on online job board but apply for them through the company’s website whenever possible.
  2. A Google search will pull-in jobs from multiple job boards.
  3. Always save the job searches that bring back the results you desire – You will then receive email alerts when new jobs are posted.
  4. Online job boards prescreen resumes to determine if candidate is qualified for the position. A Word document is better than a PDF document in this prescreening.
  5. Prescreening is looking for words on your resume that are also included in the job description. Work to align your resume to the job description whenever possible.
  6. Once you have applied for a job, save a copy of the job description in your files. If you  are called for an interview, it is very helpful to have the original job description when preparing.
  7. “Easy Apply” is easy, but not always the fastest way to the hiring manager.

Our job coaches can help with any one of these tips.

If you choose to go it alone, here’s some TIPS:

Below you will find links to resources that will enchance your job search experience.

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