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Why We Open Tuesday Evenings

Our first neighbor that evening was an older gentleman that recently had a procedure done and was going through a tough situation involving the family. Paul stated that he had heard of ECHO before from word of mouth and was in the area that day.

Paul let us know that he was beyond grateful that we were helping him with food because he knew that he was more than likely going to bed hungry and said, “Glad I was in the area and that you guys were open because I didn’t have any way of paying for a meal.”

Because of YOU, we can now be open Tuesday evenings to help neighbors in need.

#neighborshelpingneighbors #rebuildlives

Making Neighbors Feel Welcomed

Three days before coming to ECHO, Alex had been released from prison. Our partnership with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Department brought Alex to us.

During the assessment process, he shared how his transition into society had been going. Alex said he had “so much anxiety and nervousness” being around many people. You see, Alex was incarcerated for eight years. A lot had changed during those years.

At the end of the assessment, he thanked us for making him feel unjudged and encouraged.

Because of YOU, ECHO was able to give him some clothes to fill his closet, food to stock his refrigerator, and some household items (plate, cups, etc.) to make his house a home.

#neighborshelpingneighbors #rebuildlives
You can #echothat

Came Looking for Work and Got More

Raul came to ECHO, looking for help with his resume. He was switching careers because his current job was getting in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Our job coach assisted with revising his resume.
Raul hit the streets, knocking on doors with his new resume. He landed a job on a sales floor that required him to dress more professionally. ECHO helped with that, also.

Raul didn’t have a driver’s license, so a bike would make all the difference in helping him succeed.

Our community neighbor partner, Bikes for Christ, came to the rescue. Raul now has transportation and a good chance of staying stable.

#neighborshelpingneighbors #rebuildlives
You can #echothat

Shawnte returns to ECHO

She Came Back

One Tuesday we noticed a young woman, Shawnte, just sitting in our Welcome Center area, waiting to be served or so we thought.

She told us she needed to interview a non-profit of her choice for a class she was taking at Hillsborough Community College and wanted to talk with the staff from ECHO. But the story doesn’t end there.

Shawnte chose ECHO for a special reason. As we gave her a tour of our facility, our final stop was the GED class. She asked if she could speak to the students for a minute. That is how we learned she was a graduate of the ECHO GED program and how it encouraged her to see she was capable of doing more. “Never give up . . . never stop learning”, she said. “You can do more, I’m proof!”


ECHO is more than food and clothing, we also offer life rebuilding classes like our GED program.

Because of YOU, we can help students, like Shawnte, #rebuildlives and pursue their dreams to do more.

#neighborshelpingneighbors – You can #echothat

Jimena story of Starting Over

Starting Over

Jimena, a victim of domestic violence, found herself struggling to make ends meet. Her husband wouldn’t allow her to work while they were married. Now divorced she had to find a job, but didn’t know where to begin.

Jimena came to ECHO for assistance and discovered we had a Back to Work class. A place where students learn how to search for jobs, update their resumes and practice their interview skills. At the end of her first class, Jimena told us she already felt more confident and at ease.

ECHO is more than food and clothing, we also offer life rebuilding programs like Back to Work.

Because of YOU, we can help women, like Jimena #rebuildlives.


That is how her story becomes your story. You can #ECHOthat

On a fixed income Jim came to ECHO for help.

Twenty-two Dollar Increase

Jim received a $22 increase in his Social Security Disability and that increase denied him from receiving his Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP. He never thought he would find himself at ECHO, but he was glad we were here to help. Not only were we able to provide Jim with food, but we were also able to refer him to other local food pantries and hot meal sites in his area.

Because of YOU we are able to help men like Jim, #rebuildlives.


This is how his story becomes your story. You can #echothat!

Michael story comes full circle

Full Circle

Meet Michael, several years ago he and his wife were going through some hardships and fell into hard times. They came to ECHO looking for food and assistance. As Michael would say, “Looking for hope in Brandon”

Fast forward, Michael is now a facility manager for Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment, where his organization gives back to the community through the Tampa Bay Lightning C.H.A.R.G.E. (Contributing Hours Across our Region through our Generous Employees) employee volunteer program.

While most of the employees that served last week were helping organizations in the downtown area he wanted to volunteer at ECHO . . . . a place that helped him and his family get back on their feet.

Because of YOU he and his family were able to come full circle and now help others.

#neighborshelpingneigbors #rebuildlives

His story becomes your story. #echothat

James' parents came to us for help

A Broken Promise

It seemed by the looks of things, Michelle, Mark, and Jace had slept overnight in our parking lot. As soon as we opened the door a dirty face little toddler, filled with mosquito bites and only dressed in his diaper came running in and having fun exploring the office. Michelle, his mom, was embarrassed and kept apologizing for her son’s appearance. They had run out of clean clothes to wear.

Their story is one we have heard over and over again. A promise of a new job and a better future only to have it fall through. Jace’s dad did find work but it came at a time when they had depleted their savings. They needed some help to carry them over. We were here to help.

Because of YOU, we were able to provide the necessities of food and clothing and we were able to refer them to several community partners that could help them navigate the resources they had available to them and housing.

#neighborshelpingneighbors #rebuildlives

That is how his story becomes your story. You can #echothat

Henry's story - Caught in Between

Caught in Between

Henry called to let us know he was in real need of help for himself and his three children. Even though he started a job with the Department of Defense and would be making good money, he found himself caught in between jobs.

You see, it would be two weeks before he would get paid. Henry needed help with food now … because of YOU we were there to help him and his family.

#neighborshelpingneighbors #rebuildlives

This is how his story becomes your story. You can #echothat


Your donation helps us provide so much more than just food and clothing – it helps #rebuildlives!

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Funds donated in excess of need will help us continue to serve the hungry and vulnerable in our community, throughout the year. Echo of Brandon, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization. A copy of the official registration (CH15550) and financial information may be obtained from the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services by calling toll-free within the state 1-800-435-7352. Registration doesn’t imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state. Gifts to ECHO are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.